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Would like to sing this song at the local village pantomime this year and rehearsals start in September!

Looking for this song/lyrics for a friend who is in his 80's - he will be thrilled!

Have been searching for some time for this item - Many thanks

An excellent site!

Great to find the music I sang with my mother which I can now play myself

Great site - Glad I found it!

A somewhat rare itch - very happy to have found the site

I thought it was a hopeless case!

I have ordered from you before and was very pleased that was able to find the song I needed

Wish I'd discovered the site earlier!

Astounded to so readily find this sheet music!
Dr. G

Keep up the good work!

I just wanted to write a few lines to thank you very much for the trouble you took to rush the music to me in time for our junior choir morning last week. I told them all about Dustymusic.com of course and join with me in these sincere thanks. I am most grateful.

I can't say how much I appreciate the trouble you've taken to supply me. I've been after this song for years!

Thanks for responding to my enquiry so quickly

Delighted to have stumbled upon your site while seaching for these particular pieces of music. Your search function is wonderfully easy to use.

Could not find this music on any other site that I looked on. Well done.
Mrs S

No problem!

Previous satisfied customer

I have used your service several times before.

I learned about the website from Christian Books & Gifts, a store here in Manhattan, Kansas.

Seems a very simple site to use

I was given your web address by the Order Desk at Long & McQuaid in Vancouver, Canada!

Found through Google.com Will be back

I have used your very good service before
Mr Moore


Found through Google.com Will be back

Known of you for years

Thanks for you prompt and courteous reply. Great site.

Was looking for this song particularly, only place I could find it.

only place I have found this music.

Searched on the web (Yahoo) using "second hand sheet music" - Brilliant
Mr Barnet

I have used your services before and am always pleased to do so.

Finally found it! (hopefully)

very good website

I am SO relieved to have found you!
Mr Torr

I have used your service twice before to my complete satisfaction.

You have a very, varied collection of music, some of which are very hard too come by.
Mr Clarke

Handy site!

Bless you!!! I have been searching for ages to find 500 guys by Frank Sinatra. Another site listed you because they could not help, yours was the third on the list they gave me. I will certainly be back now that I have found you many thanks JOE
J Sadler

Not sure if this is the song that my Dad used to play us on the guitar but would like to learn it to play to my little ones. Fingers crossed that it is the right song as I can't find anything to listen to on the web !
J Cook

I am named after this character in the movie with Hedy Lamar.
Tonda Fluke

I think this is a fantastic website and I really hope it lives up to the standards I have set for it in my head. I can't wait to learn more about this and to search it for more amazing songs.
Lauren Anderson

Very good website
Saniah Griffiths

I was very impressed with your service, I ordered "If I Were A Blackbird" earlier this week, and have already received it. Thank you, Saniah Griffiths
Saniah Griffiths

I am SO relieved to have found you!
K Torr

I have used your service twice before to my complete satisfaction.
G Irwin

It's great to be able to find sheet music for older songs, thank you.
B White

Nicely displayed lists for easy viewing
Mrs Bennett

Thank heavens I found you. Been looking for this sheet music for the best part of a year!
Anna Efford

I have been looking for ages to find this sheet music.
Margaret Allen

Hi again...Happy Christmas.... doing lots of singing, great fun!! All the best Ian W
Ian Woolard

Thank you for your assistance!!
Walter Mika

So glad i have found this site. i have been searching for this piece of music for a long time!!!!!
Kelly Gibson

Always great service!!!
Alex Anisimov

I have bought several sheets of music in the previous 15 months or so ,as I am a fervant fan of your site William
Mr Worthy

Very interesting. I was looking for this particular song but will browse again to see what else you have
Margaret Webb

Glad I found you on the Web. Been looking for this sheet music for some time.
John Burnes

Repeat order. Thank you VERY much !
Richard Barr

Great selection of hard to find oldies!
Payton Mincey

VERY efficient searching database!
Alex Hassan

Thank you so much for I really apprieciate you scanning the music for me. Kim
Kim Eliot

I am a previous customer and usually look on your site first when I hear something new to me!!
Ian Woolard

Heard about you from Dorking Performing Arts library. I have been desperately tracking this song down to sing at my Grandads funeral (next week) as requested by him. I have googled the title of song and sheet music but your site never came up. I am so glad I have found you!
Hayley Chalwyn

Thank you for replying so swiftly to my questions, John Davies. I am looking forward to receiving "Did You Not Hear My Lady," the name it seems to have acquired since Gwyneth Paltrow sang it in Jane Austen's "Emma."
Dana Thynes

Pleased to have 'found' you! 2 items required by a customer which I didn't have. Best wishes, Eileen. Music by the Score.
Eileen Hooper-Bargery

Great site for people who can`t stand the modern tunes, but love to play the old ones on their piano. Thanks
Hans Holme

Great Doing Business With You.
Lawrence Cole

Have purchased from you before -good service.
J Livesey

availability of theme music from 1950 films is excellant
Joan Thompson

The featured artist Maurice Keary was my beloved father, so finding this is very special to me. Amazingly, I have found this on the anniversary of my son Kevin's death, who died of brain cancer. He was following in my father's footsteps as a musician. So, many thanks.

I have ordered the Cobbler's Song so that I can play it for a fundraising even in May by the Pevensey Yokels, who are mostly members of the church choir. Good fun usually had by all!

Fairly simple - even to an oldie!