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Old sheet music: Chappell's 3rd song and dance album.

Smoke gets in your eyes.

Somewhere in the blue ridge mountains.

Why don't you practise what you preach.

La Cucaracha.

No one believes I'm a mermaid.

Moonlight is silver.

If I love again.

Then I'll be tired of you.

Moonlight kisses.

There's no more you can say.

Who made little boy blue?

Wrap yourself in cotton Wool.

Why wasn't I told?

You're nothin' but a nothin'

Have a little dream on me.

I'm a doorway in Norway.

London on a rainy night.

Tired feet.

Blow your own trumpet.

Miss otis regrets.
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Chappell's 3rd song and dance album. - Old Sheet Music by Chappell