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  • Black & White Minstrel Show - 1960

  • Title: Black & White Minstrel Show - Find more with a similar title.
  • First line: Various
  • Composer: Various - Find more by this composer
  • Lyrisist: Various - Find more by this lyricist
  • Publisher: Francis Day & Hunter - Find more by this publisher
  • Key note: Various
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: A selection of music from the Black & White Minstrel Show - song book containing: Lily of Laguna, I may be crazy, Shepherdess''s call, Daddy wouldn''t buy me a bow-wow, Four leaf clover, Camptown races, Oh dem golden slippers, When I grow too old to dream, Carolina in the morning, She was one of the early birds, Dixieland, I dream of Jeanie, Coal black mammy & Oh Susanna - with 8 full page photos from the show, and cover photo - n.b. this is a medley or shortened songs.
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