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  • Leeds 20 hits of our times - 1958

  • Title: Leeds 20 hits of our times - Find more with a similar title.
  • First line: Various
  • Composer: Various - Find more by this composer
  • Lyrisist: Various - Find more by this lyricist
  • Publisher: Leeds - Find more by this publisher
  • Key note: Various
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: Song book containing: Nairobi, Alone, Wonderful wonderful, Dear old Donegal, Ha ha ha, Souvenir D''Italie, Please Mister Brown, Marching along to the blues, Long black nylons, The banjo''s back in town, Into each life some rain must fall, Money is the root of all evil, On top of old smokey, Who cares (Song of the Maggie), The thing, Goodnight Irene, Ring out the bells, Let''s have another one, Far away places & Kiss of fire
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